the porn industry: influence on society morals

The porn industry in America is a thriving business which every dick, Tom and Harry is getting themselves into all for the sake of the popularity and the money which is involved. They all wanna make it very big, and the stars of the screens that they have there are all becoming the very embodiments of what the church and common Christianity abhors greatly. Talk of the likes of Nicki Minaj who is so surgically altered to become the very embodiment of the porn industry that the people are seeking out and they all love her very much and cherish her for the fact that she’s the sexual equivalent of an inflatable doll on the screens for them to ogle and wish they can fuck and get away with the fact since there’s the fake appeal that she offers to the viewing public.
Everybody is exposed to the pornography that is being dispensed across all the media types and there is nothing to be done about it by the viewers, some of whom even stumble upon the thing in the course of an honest internet search for something that will serve a great need for their lives.
And one would be very tempted to ask the burning question as to what the people that view the porn being churned out by both the professional actors and the amateurs that we have all over the place who are seeking their own little spot in the limelight with the best of them. There are the pictures of the stars all nude and done up in sexually provocative poses that have men having hard-ons for them at the mere sight of the nude bodies that are being churned out all over the place. We have the likes of our bad girl Rihanna posing and having Google turn up millions of hits per day for her nude body and her bum; we also have the likes of Nicki Minaj, Madonna herself who was the poster bad girl of the eighties and the nineties. And I ask again: are these celebrities trying to dabble into the porn industry that the common people have already filled to overflowing?
The average 15 year old boy has seen porn a total of not less than fifty times per month. Is this the trend that is to be supported by the people who are now screaming that their children are becoming too sexually active at very young ages?
The answer is too ridiculously simple: there is a glorification of the fact that a man and a woman or a woman and another woman or a man and another man or a mixture of the both, are having raunchy sex which will then be forwarded up to the internet with a single click.
Morality and decadence are now glorified beyond the goodness that is supposed to be the very milestone for the kids to grow up on. They now grow up on a rich diet of nude bodies and is that the very ideal that should be promoted? Move over, Briana Banks, and do you know why? It is because of the fact that the young ones are all taking over from the older ones in the porn industry. Just take out the time to perform a very simple Google search for the latest porn from the under-age category and the hits you’ll see for the sexual exploits of a young girl from a rural town in Minnesota will completely eclipse the hits gotten by a Nobel prize winner who wants to do something to the world and for the world. Is that funny? Or is it hot? Or is it some thing that the parents of the young kids of today should be very worried about in their beds as they sleep?

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life at the nigerian law school

I made a post on the life at the lagos campus of the nigerian law school. Now, an update. The place is hectic because there is a lot to assimilate and a lot to learn. And then there is no alone time because you’re always busy. Gosh!!! Its as if we are being grinded.

However, the lecturers there are really trying, and that’s a good thing to say for them. Lol

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Email Etiquette for Professionals 

Many professionals deal with their emails everyday of their work week. There tends to be a very heavy reliance on emails by professionals in today’s fast-moving world. Emails fly between different departments in the same organization and between different people from all over the world.

However, I noticed a disturbing trend amongst email users that make them appear unprofessional to their intended recipients. Many email users fall afoul of certain rules which guide the e-communication world when it comes to the use of emails. It will be pertinent for me to note that the blunders to be highlighted in this article has to do with professionals sending emails to strangers across the Internet ether; people they have never met before.

I will highlight these blunders below and suggest working remedies for each one of them.


Seriously, so many people make this particular mistake. I wonder why someone will send an email without making the effort to use a title in the appropriate area of the page. The title of the email automatically serves as the introduction/summary of the contents of the email. At first glance in the inbox, the recipient will automatically know what the email that is nestled in their inbox is all about.

Leaving the subject matter area blank means that the recipient will have no idea about what the email is all about. They will have to open it to find out what the mail is all about. However, and you’ve got to trust me on this: nobody really has the time to start opening the email in order to know what it is all about.

Furthermore, an email without a subject matter indicates that the sender of the mail did not put in much thought into sending the mail. And once this is the case, do not expect the recipient of the mail to put in any thought opening the mail.


If you as a recipient is sending a mail to someone for the very first time, make sure to address the person by name at least in the first line of the email body. The reason is simple: the recipient of your mail does not have your email address in their contacts list. Thus, when a new email comes in, their email spam folder works overtime to make sure that emails which they do not consider to be useful will be tossed into the spam folder without a second thought.

As an email sender, you know whether or not your email address is in the contacts list of the recipient’s email. If you haven’t had prior contact with the recipient via mail, then chances are that the person does not have your email in their contact list which means that your email will most likely find its way into spam folder.

So, to avoid this mistake of having your very important mail tossed out into the spam folder as if it has no meaning, always make sure to address your recipient by first or last name in either the subject line of the mail or most preferably in the first line of the email proper.

In this case, a simple “Dear sir” or “Dear Ma” will not suffice. It will be better to address a person you’re sending a mail for the first time to using their name such as: “Mr. Andrew Lang”, “Ms. Pepper”, “Dear Kingsley”.


Many people complain that when they receive emails from marketers cold-emailing them, those mails often turn up right in their inbox whereas emails from colleagues, friends and family, turn up in the spam folder.

There is often a common denominator that determines this: most of these so-called marketing cold emails address the exact person the marketer is reaching out to. Thus, the spam filters will think that the sender knows the recipient, so it will pass the mail. Conversely, that colleague who sends an important mail will wait for days or weeks and receive no acknowledgment from the recipient that their mail is as yet, not attended to. Chances are, that mail is sleeping in the spam folder. And no one reads their spam folder. It’s just not worth the effort.


Some people tend to ramble when they write their emails. However, shorter and more succinct is always better. People have a tendency to distrust blocks of plain text, and since most emails contain little or no images, it is advisable to also ensure that the text is kept to a minimum. Use bullet points and short sentences. Get straight to the point. Do not waste the time of your reader by trying to ramble; this is a turnoff.

Type your mail in MS Word: Have you noticed that most emails servers do not have great formatting? Thus, it is better to type your mail in your MS Word or other Word processor, format it as you wish, then copy and paste from your Word Processor into your email send-mail interface. Use a clean font like Times New Roman. Your reader will thank you for it.

Insert a signature: An email service like Gmail has an area in the Settings tab where you can add a customized signature that will appear in all your mails. Kindly use it. Your recipient may read your mail and wish to revert back to you via phone call or Skype, only to see that you have no such details in your mail. Besides this, it can help you to point out your social and professional media handles: add your links to your LinkedIn profile, Facebook, blog, etc.


Email communications is very important in today’s digital-based world, perhaps more than many people will ever care to acknowledge. The secret to emailing is to know how to do it properly, particularly when sending a mail to a particular mail address for the very first time.

Avoiding the aforementioned mistakes can lead to seamless communications between people.


Kingsley Ugochukwu Ani is a corporate lawyer and also heavily advises businesses, organizations, startups and professionals on long-term business development strategy and branding. He can be reached 

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Vaping FAQs for Vapor Cigarettes/E-Cigarettes


Beautiful woman smoking a cigarette. Photo Credit @ Drea

It is true that e-cigarettes and other vaping devices are all the rage currently. Many people are skipping over from traditional cigarettes and trying the different electronic brands in the market. But before you start, you may likely have several questions about vaping on your mind. Read on then, and get your vaping questions answered.

What Are E-Cigarettes?

E-cigarettes are devices constructed to look exactly like normal cigarettes but with the difference that they do not give off real smoke and requires no matches or lighters. All you have to do is to recharge your battery-depending on the type you’re using-then turn on and puff away.

Why Should I Choose E-Cigarettes Over Normal Cigarettes?

Well, for years, people have looked for healthier alternatives to ordinary cigarettes because of the sometimes severe health hazards associated with them and the foul smoke they give off. With e-cigarettes, what’s inside your pipe is liquid nicotine which is then heated up by batteries to emit smoke. So, in essence, they are healthier.

What Makes E-Cigarettes Special?

Ah, simple. E-cigarettes offer different blends and mixes and flavors; something you’ll never find with a real cigarette. There is a different flavor and mix for every taste and palate, something conventional cigarettes don’t offer. With ordinary cigarettes, all you get is your tobacco and nicotine; nothing else. With vaping, you get your nicotine plus several other flavors, minus the tobacco.

Why Do People Smoke E-Cigarettes?

Well, for conventional smokers who wish to quit smoking but are finding it difficult to stop smoking, they take to e-cigarettes as a way of still having something to smoke without giving up smoking entirely. That way, they can gradually wean themselves off of cigarettes. Also, they might want to smoke in a public place without offending the sensibilities of those around them with the foul odor from their cigarettes. For non-traditional smokers, curiosity would be the name.

What Are The Dangers Of Smoking E-Cigarettes?

People argue that they are much better than traditional cigarettes, safer because it offers a less toxic choice than traditional cigarettes.

Why Should I Choose E-Cigarettes Over Traditional Cigarettes?

Reasons abound as to why electronic cigarettes are better choices than traditional cigarettes. Contains no tar, does not emit any foul-smelling smoke, has fewer public restrictions, and is also generally less expensive than conventional cigarettes.

Does Smoke From Vaping Devices Smell Like That From Real Cigarettes?

No it does not. While the smoke emitted from real cigarettes is foul-smelling, the vapor emitted from vaping devices smells like the flavor of the e-liquid used. In other words, it is sweet-smelling. Several users and non-users have attested as much.

How Long Does E-Cigarette Batteries Last?

That depends on the capacity of the battery in the vaping device. Batteries can last from one hour to forty-eight hours depending on the capacity and usage. Heavier use will ordinarily reduce the amount of time it will last, likewise reduce the overall charging time. So, to forestall a situation whereby you want to vape and it turns out that your battery is flat, please carry a spare battery in your holdall or pocket.

What Are The Ingredients Used In Vaping E-Liquid?

Generally, the ingredients used in making the e-liquid are: sweet-flavored propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavoring (different flavorings for different flavors so vaping device users can have an assorted choice to choose from), highly diluted nicotine. There, you have your e-liquid for your vaping pleasure.

What Are Vape Starter Kits?

These are the different kits offered by vaping products sellers for the vaping needs of different levels of vapers at different prices. It could be the Cartomizers, or the Clearomizers, or the Tanks, each shaped, weighs, and flavored differently. It just all depends on the vaping needs of the person purchasing the kit. And also on the size of their pockets.

What Are The Best Vaping Setup For New Vaping Beginners?

There are no right or wrong choices, really. New e-cigarette smokers and vapers can simply look through available catalogs, decide on any of the diverse offerings for sale (also look to your pockets because the prices vary), and then experiment. That way, you can find the right setup you might to stick with for the long run.

How Do I Smoke My E-Cigarette?

Unlike conventional cigarettes that require a box of matches, e-cigarettes have a small tank which is filled with the e-liquid (liquid nicotine and other liquid elements) which is heated by batteries when you turn it on. Then you start smoking your cigarette or pen-whichever you chose. And anywhere too, since you don’t have any foul tobacco smells to contend with.

How Do I Charge My Battery?

First, you unscrew the battery and then detach same from the atomizer. Then you screw the battery to the end of a usb cord, plug the end of the cord into an adapter or a usb port in your laptop, after which you plug into a power outlet and then charge. Please take care not to overcharge or the battery can lose power.

How Do I Take Care Of My Vaping Starter Kit?

When you buy a vaping starter kit, it is good to maintain it properly, else you might start encountering unwanted problems with it. Ensure you clean your device everyday because dirty connections in your device may cause it not to work properly. Clean the atomizer connector and battery connector thoroughly with a cleaning agent. To this effect, rubbing alcohol or baking soda with a scrunched-up tissue will work perfectly well. Also, ensure that you don’t overcharge the battery or it will begin to lose power. So, once the charging cycle is done, ensure you unplug the device totally from the power outlet.

Which Vaping Poducts Should I Choose?

There are a lot of products in the market and the choice can be extremely daunting, particularly for a beginner. All you have to do is browse through the available catalog, noting down the model, design, price and special features of each product, then you make your choice. There is no right or wrong choice; each product is different and comes with unique features that set it apart from the other ones in the market.

Where Can I Buy Vaping Kits?

You can browse through the vaping products catalog here and make your choice.

What Are The Best Vaping Products Out There?

This is a question that would be better answered along the lines of consumers’ personal choices. You make your choice, then decide to stick with it.

Hope that all these answers your vaping questions.


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Bobrisky – Lessons to learn from Bobrisky

Bobrisky (aka Bobrisky222)Lessons to learn from Bobrisky


Kingsley Adrian Banks


A lot of people have heard about this guy and more people keep on hearing about him by the day. His real name is Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju. He is a Nigerian internet celebrity on Snapchat and Instagram, well known for his cross-dressing and Michael-Jackson style use of bleaching products for skin lightening.

Why would I suddenly decide to write about this guy? Two reasons: 1: I have not posted anything for some time now due to connectivity issues; for that I apologize to my readers and followers. 2. This Bobrisky guy is making waves, and continues to make a lot of waves even now as he frolicks around the US on a ‘tour’.

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Photo Credit: Lailasblog


Bobrisky is obviously an effeminate man (this much is obvious from the manner he carries himself and his soft, feminine voice), and must identify as a transgender or gender-neutral guy, what with the way he has defied gender stereotypes and has used his extreme left-wing deviance to garner lots of online media attention.

He has broken a lot of the norms the Nigerian society champions with their draconian approach and puritanism. He dresses and appears to the entire public as a woman-and those who meet him without really knowing who he is will naturally believe he’s a woman-though he is a biological male. This has brought him mixed attention. Some people love him; others hate him. Some are simply neutral about him because they don’t give a damn and couldn’t care less if he transforms himself like Caitlyn Jenner did. I know all these because I am curious about this bold guy that defies the entire Nigerian nation, so I see a lot of the mixed views people hold about him.

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However, it is worthy to note certain factors which a lot of people really do fail to grasp about his situation:

  1. The more they talk about him, the more popular he becomes. I found him myself by accident while doing research for an article.
  2. Because of his popularity, he has managed to build himself into a brand and has become the poster child for cosmetic de-pigmentation (skin bleaching).
  3. The more efforts people make to deride him and hate on him, the more others love him for being true to himself (in my own little way I must say I admire that; he can really be himself without caring about what anyone thinks about him)
  4. The more popular he becomes, the more people learn of his product, see his photos, and want to attain the kind of lighter skin he has. Which means more sales of his Bobrisky bleaching cream, and more money in his account. That is what people do not understand; their anger and hate fuels his success.

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  1. Be true to yourself and be the person you want to be. (He said it himself that he had always wanted to look and feel like a real woman; now he does. Babe even looks more glamorous than some biological females)
  2. Parlay yourself into a brand. (He did that, and his name is going down in Nigerian history as the first openly cross-dressing man in mainstream media)
  3. Work to achieve that objective you want to achieve. (He always wanted to look the way he does and he worked towards it, now he’s like that, along with a lot of perks attached for him)
  4. If you are able to close your eyes to what people say-or will say-about you and your chosen line of work, then you will most likely succeed in it, because nothing kills creativity like the fear of the masses. (This is my own personal advise to people out there).
  5. And finally, work hard to get it till you get it. And you will get it if you persist enough. Just look at Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju aka Bobrisky.

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Nnamdi Kanu Bail conditions: Constitutional or onerous?

Nnamdi Kanu Bail Conditions: onerous or constitutional?


Kingsley Ugochukwu Ani Esq. (LLB., BL.)


Bail is simply a process or procedure whereby a person who has been denied of his constitutional right to freedom of movement (in other words, incarcerated due to the alleged commission of one crime or the other) is released upon security provided by him to the tune of the order of the court or any other body that has the authority to grant such bail application.


The case of Nnamdi Kanu who has been granted bail on April 25th, 2017.


The Federal High Court, sitting in Abuja, has granted Nnamdi Kanu bail in his long trial for charges bordering on treasonable felony. The justice, Justice Binta Nyako, while granting the bail application by the counsel to Nnamdi Kanu, on health grounds, ordered that he be released on bail on the following grounds:

  1. That he provide a highly respected Jewish leader as a shorty for his bail
  2. That he provide a ‘highly placed person of Igbo extraction such as a Senator’ as well as a ‘highly respected person who is resident in and owns landed property in Abuja’.

Each of the sureties to be provided by Nnamdi Kanu is to make a deposit of N100 million each for his release. He has also_ as part of the conditions for his bail_been precluded from attending any rally or granting interviews to members of the press. He is to also surrender his British and Nigerian international passports to the registry of the court.

Thoughts on the Bail Conditions

First and foremost, it is to be noted that the Federal High Court (or any other court for that matter, so long as it has the jurisdiction to try the offence) can impose whatever bail conditions it wishes on the bail applicant, taking into cognizance such factors as the nature of the offence, the ability of the applicant to influence witnesses and/or evidence due to high standing in the society, and a host of other factors.

However, at all times, courts are expected to ensure that the conditions imposed by them for granting a bail application are reasonable and not onerous, such that the applicants can be able to meet up with the conditions in order to secure their freedom and be free from the clutches of the prison yard.

Please note that the operative word here is Onerous; that the conditions set for the bail of the applicant are not onerous.



In the above case of Nnamdi Kanu, is the bail condition imposed by the Federal High Court too stringent and onerous?

A bail application if and when sought by an accused person is simply to further the provisions of Section 35 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; to seek the enforcement of said rights and secure the freedom of the person in question.


Is Nnamdi Kanu’s Bail terms onerous?

The question of whether or not the bail terms imposed on an accused person is onerous or too stringent depends on the peculiar circumstances of each case before the court.

In the case of Nnamdi Kanu’s bail application, several persons spanning the entire length and breadth of Nigeria, has taken to Social Media to protest that the bail terms imposed upon the Leader of the Independent People of Biafra are too stringent for him to meet. N300 million is too much a sum of money, as well as the insistence of the Justice that he provide a Jewish leader as a surety. Is there any law in Nigeria that provides for such? Surely that is unreasonable? In my own opinion, it is.

What if he is unable to procure a Jewish leader as a surety? He remains in prison?

Yes, if Nnamdi Kanu is unable to provide a Jewish leader, a person resident in, and with property in Abuja, and a person of high standing in the Igbo community, all of them to provide the combined sum of three hundred million naira, then Nnamdi Kanu is going to remain in prison.


Steps to take:

If the Counsel to Nnamdi Kanu considers the bail terms to be too stringent and draconian, then they can apply to have the terms varied for the leader to something they consider reasonable enough for them to put up with. For, as the famous saying goes: if the bail terms granted to an applicant are too draconian such that he cannot meet them, then it means that no bail was granted.


Further thoughts:

Nnamdi Kanu had been granted bail in the past, yet the Muhammad Buhari led administration consistently refused to allow him to leave the clutches of the Kuje prison in Abuja, dredging up a plethora of excuses pertaining to why he should remain in prison custody. The Federal Government blatantly disregarded the rule of law.

In this new bail granted to Nnamdi Kanu, will the Rule of Law prevail? Or will the Buhari-led government decide once again to keep the man trapped in the clutches of Federal prison?


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About the Author:

Kingsley Ugochukwu Ani Esq. is a legal practitioner, blogger, corporate branding expert, and human rights activist living and working in Lagos, Nigeria. You can contact him via +2347035074930, or on Linkedin, Facebook, and connect with him on Twitter.


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How to use social media for career success



When you contact a person_a professional_for the very first time, the one thing that professional is going to do is to research you online. The person is not going to say anything to you; rather, that person will simply type whatever name you had addressed yourself to them as into Google or any of the other search engines available. In other words, they are going to engage in some cyber snooping of who you are. I remember contacting someone once about submitting a particular material I needed from him to me, and within fifteen minutes of his receiving my email, I received a Google Alert from Google, notifying me that someone had searched for Ugochukwu Kingsley Ani. it made me smile because I would have done exactly the same thing if someone were to contact me out of the blue.

When they search for you, what do they see? Nothing? Someone that is not you? Or, even worse, no information at all?

Well then, what impression do you think that is going to give to them about you? That person might then not take you serious or your services serious if you are offering something to them.

So, now that we have established the background, let us go in deeper and talk about the ways you leverage social media in your professional life to your advantage. Underlisted is a checklist of things to do:

Routinely search for your name on search engines.

This might sound weird, and I can bet you, it is weird, but searching for your name on search engines is going to notify you of the kind of online visibility you have; if any. You might have a LinkedIn account, a business Linkedin account, Facebook account, among others, but when you type in the requisite name you will see something that is totally unrelated to your name; or you can find your name buried in perhaps the tenth or fifteenth page of Google.

That should send a red flag waving in your consciousness. You know why? It is because 90% of visitors to search engines hardly ever go beyond the 2nd page of their search before they click on what they need and forget all about the other search results that might run into the remaining thousands of pages.

This should give you an idea pertaining to where you stand.

Create a web site for your business

I think I will be right to say that the Internet and businesses have gotten married in recent years, with one dependent on the other…perhaps even more than we know.

As a business owner, it is imperative for a professional with diverse services that might be of help to paying clients to have their online visibility already prepared on the Information Superhighway Ether.

Nowadays, most clients_particularly the ones that are tech-savvy_will hardly do business with an analogue practitioner. They want professionals that are smart as well savvy and up to date with the times.

You need to create a site and not only display the requisite information about your business (which you must do, by the way), but also display a wealth of information about the services you provide and other allied matters.

For example: a medical health practitioner with particular focus on optometry should have a site that details this information, plus also offer a lot of information on the problems of patients relating to that field of practice. That way, clients can search for you and they can find you. Then, if you are within their location (or even outside it), they can always call you or email you, seeking for consultations. You have shown that you are an expert in your field and people love to deal with people that are competent at what they do.

Alternatively, create a personal/professionally branded blog

You may not have the money and vast technological resources to create a big web site for your practise. But then you can still create a blog. Blogger is free to use; WordPress has amazing, over-the-top options for personal blogs which you can create using whatever specifications and themes that will be more suited to your needs.

Create a Brand

You know that niche that you are into. If you are a lawyer, then this post: The Eight Beatitudes: Lessons from Lincoln, written by Joseph Onele and published on my blog: Kingsley Ugochukwu Ani L.P. can help you with the branding.

The point is this: know you field, then work on it. You know about your profession more than I do. So, create a personal brand that speaks for that profession for which you are known for, then brand yourself appropriately using the tools listed above. Know the kind of contents to create, know the image you will use to project the image of a seasoned professional in his element to the world.

Then, once you have determined your niche and possibly how to go about it, you can now start creating the necessary content and marketing yourself and your business in order to gain visibility and even clients.

That way, you win.

Final Tips

In order to make it on social media as it pertains to your career, you have to create a social media strategy and make sure you stick to that strategy. Please note that being able to navigate Facebook and Twitter, looking up and gisting with friends, does not mean that you have a social media strategy or that you an market yourself. No; far from it. Things to do:

  1. Build an online profile: note that almost all tech-savvy recruiting firms will conduct a search for you if and when they want to do business with you or if they want to hire you.
  2. Create a strong LinkedIn profile: I think I am going to emphasize on this more than on the previous one. Why? I search out every single person I want to contact on a career related matter. I will not tell you, but I will do it.

And if I do it, then please note that others will do it too.

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Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is professional-looking and up-to-date with relevant information because of the fact that it is like your online CV. Yes, your CV. People will go through it before dealing with you.

You don’t have a LinkedIn profile? Please create one.

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You have a LinkedIn profile but don’t use it? Please update it and keep it top-notch. You never know who might be sniffing you out from there.

Well, I hope this was enjoyable to you.

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Top Post: What makes a man gay

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 Kingsley Ugochukwu Ani L.P. is a lawyer, personal/business brand consultant, writer, and blogger living and working in Lagos, Nigeria. On the legal side, he loves working on complicated corporate agreement drafts and consulting with Commonwealth-based firms on matters relating to corporate finance and startups in Nigeria. On writing, he has written four full-length novels which are being considered by agents and publishers in the UK and New York. He has also vied (and is still vying) for international literary prizes like the Commonwealth Prize for Short Fiction. He can be contacted on LinkedIn, and through the contact form on Kingsley Ugochukwu Ani L.P. contact page

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