the porn industry: influence on society morals

The porn industry in America is a thriving business which every dick, Tom and Harry is getting themselves into all for the sake of the popularity and the money which is involved. They all wanna make it very big, and the stars of the screens that they have there are all becoming the very embodiments of what the church and common Christianity abhors greatly. Talk of the likes of Nicki Minaj who is so surgically altered to become the very embodiment of the porn industry that the people are seeking out and they all love her very much and cherish her for the fact that she’s the sexual equivalent of an inflatable doll on the screens for them to ogle and wish they can fuck and get away with the fact since there’s the fake appeal that she offers to the viewing public.
Everybody is exposed to the pornography that is being dispensed across all the media types and there is nothing to be done about it by the viewers, some of whom even stumble upon the thing in the course of an honest internet search for something that will serve a great need for their lives.
And one would be very tempted to ask the burning question as to what the people that view the porn being churned out by both the professional actors and the amateurs that we have all over the place who are seeking their own little spot in the limelight with the best of them. There are the pictures of the stars all nude and done up in sexually provocative poses that have men having hard-ons for them at the mere sight of the nude bodies that are being churned out all over the place. We have the likes of our bad girl Rihanna posing and having Google turn up millions of hits per day for her nude body and her bum; we also have the likes of Nicki Minaj, Madonna herself who was the poster bad girl of the eighties and the nineties. And I ask again: are these celebrities trying to dabble into the porn industry that the common people have already filled to overflowing?
The average 15 year old boy has seen porn a total of not less than fifty times per month. Is this the trend that is to be supported by the people who are now screaming that their children are becoming too sexually active at very young ages?
The answer is too ridiculously simple: there is a glorification of the fact that a man and a woman or a woman and another woman or a man and another man or a mixture of the both, are having raunchy sex which will then be forwarded up to the internet with a single click.
Morality and decadence are now glorified beyond the goodness that is supposed to be the very milestone for the kids to grow up on. They now grow up on a rich diet of nude bodies and is that the very ideal that should be promoted? Move over, Briana Banks, and do you know why? It is because of the fact that the young ones are all taking over from the older ones in the porn industry. Just take out the time to perform a very simple Google search for the latest porn from the under-age category and the hits you’ll see for the sexual exploits of a young girl from a rural town in Minnesota will completely eclipse the hits gotten by a Nobel prize winner who wants to do something to the world and for the world. Is that funny? Or is it hot? Or is it some thing that the parents of the young kids of today should be very worried about in their beds as they sleep?

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life at the nigerian law school

I made a post on the life at the lagos campus of the nigerian law school. Now, an update. The place is hectic because there is a lot to assimilate and a lot to learn. And then there is no alone time because you’re always busy. Gosh!!! Its as if we are being grinded.

However, the lecturers there are really trying, and that’s a good thing to say for them. Lol

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How to use social media for career success



When you contact a person_a professional_for the very first time, the one thing that professional is going to do is to research you online. The person is not going to say anything to you; rather, that person will simply type whatever name you had addressed yourself to them as into Google or any of the other search engines available. In other words, they are going to engage in some cyber snooping of who you are. I remember contacting someone once about submitting a particular material I needed from him to me, and within fifteen minutes of his receiving my email, I received a Google Alert from Google, notifying me that someone had searched for Ugochukwu Kingsley Ani. it made me smile because I would have done exactly the same thing if someone were to contact me out of the blue.

When they search for you, what do they see? Nothing? Someone that is not you? Or, even worse, no information at all?

Well then, what impression do you think that is going to give to them about you? That person might then not take you serious or your services serious if you are offering something to them.

So, now that we have established the background, let us go in deeper and talk about the ways you leverage social media in your professional life to your advantage. Underlisted is a checklist of things to do:

Routinely search for your name on search engines.

This might sound weird, and I can bet you, it is weird, but searching for your name on search engines is going to notify you of the kind of online visibility you have; if any. You might have a LinkedIn account, a business Linkedin account, Facebook account, among others, but when you type in the requisite name you will see something that is totally unrelated to your name; or you can find your name buried in perhaps the tenth or fifteenth page of Google.

That should send a red flag waving in your consciousness. You know why? It is because 90% of visitors to search engines hardly ever go beyond the 2nd page of their search before they click on what they need and forget all about the other search results that might run into the remaining thousands of pages.

This should give you an idea pertaining to where you stand.

Create a web site for your business

I think I will be right to say that the Internet and businesses have gotten married in recent years, with one dependent on the other…perhaps even more than we know.

As a business owner, it is imperative for a professional with diverse services that might be of help to paying clients to have their online visibility already prepared on the Information Superhighway Ether.

Nowadays, most clients_particularly the ones that are tech-savvy_will hardly do business with an analogue practitioner. They want professionals that are smart as well savvy and up to date with the times.

You need to create a site and not only display the requisite information about your business (which you must do, by the way), but also display a wealth of information about the services you provide and other allied matters.

For example: a medical health practitioner with particular focus on optometry should have a site that details this information, plus also offer a lot of information on the problems of patients relating to that field of practice. That way, clients can search for you and they can find you. Then, if you are within their location (or even outside it), they can always call you or email you, seeking for consultations. You have shown that you are an expert in your field and people love to deal with people that are competent at what they do.

Alternatively, create a personal/professionally branded blog

You may not have the money and vast technological resources to create a big web site for your practise. But then you can still create a blog. Blogger is free to use; WordPress has amazing, over-the-top options for personal blogs which you can create using whatever specifications and themes that will be more suited to your needs.

Create a Brand

You know that niche that you are into. If you are a lawyer, then this post: The Eight Beatitudes: Lessons from Lincoln, written by Joseph Onele and published on my blog: Kingsley Ugochukwu Ani L.P. can help you with the branding.

The point is this: know you field, then work on it. You know about your profession more than I do. So, create a personal brand that speaks for that profession for which you are known for, then brand yourself appropriately using the tools listed above. Know the kind of contents to create, know the image you will use to project the image of a seasoned professional in his element to the world.

Then, once you have determined your niche and possibly how to go about it, you can now start creating the necessary content and marketing yourself and your business in order to gain visibility and even clients.

That way, you win.

Final Tips

In order to make it on social media as it pertains to your career, you have to create a social media strategy and make sure you stick to that strategy. Please note that being able to navigate Facebook and Twitter, looking up and gisting with friends, does not mean that you have a social media strategy or that you an market yourself. No; far from it. Things to do:

  1. Build an online profile: note that almost all tech-savvy recruiting firms will conduct a search for you if and when they want to do business with you or if they want to hire you.
  2. Create a strong LinkedIn profile: I think I am going to emphasize on this more than on the previous one. Why? I search out every single person I want to contact on a career related matter. I will not tell you, but I will do it.

And if I do it, then please note that others will do it too.

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Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is professional-looking and up-to-date with relevant information because of the fact that it is like your online CV. Yes, your CV. People will go through it before dealing with you.

You don’t have a LinkedIn profile? Please create one.

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You have a LinkedIn profile but don’t use it? Please update it and keep it top-notch. You never know who might be sniffing you out from there.

Well, I hope this was enjoyable to you.

If you like it, please share it via Whatsapp, email, links, etc.

This post is one in the series for professional career advice that appears on Kingsley Ugochukwu Ani L.P.

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About the Author:

 Kingsley Ugochukwu Ani L.P. is a lawyer, personal/business brand consultant, writer, and blogger living and working in Lagos, Nigeria. On the legal side, he loves working on complicated corporate agreement drafts and consulting with Commonwealth-based firms on matters relating to corporate finance and startups in Nigeria. On writing, he has written four full-length novels which are being considered by agents and publishers in the UK and New York. He has also vied (and is still vying) for international literary prizes like the Commonwealth Prize for Short Fiction. He can be contacted on LinkedIn, and through the contact form on Kingsley Ugochukwu Ani L.P. contact page

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2017 Writivism Short Story Prize Guidelines

I think that this is a good option. However, I would say that the period of exclusivity the organizers are asking for is too long. ten years?? Whew


  1. The Writivism Short Story Prize is an annual award for emerging African writers administered by the Center for African Cultural Excellence (CACE). Now in its fifth year, the prize has supported literary careers for hundreds of emerging African writers.
  1. Entrants must be unpublished writers, resident in an African country. One is deemed published if they have a book of their own. Any questions of eligibility shall be resolved by the CACE administration and their decision is final.
  1. Entries must be submitted online, by emailing them to info@writivism.comas attachments (not in the body email), clearly labeled in the subject: 2017 Writivism Short Story Prize Submission. The writer must include in the body of the email, other information about him/her, as country of residence, age, legal name and pen name (where applicable) and telephone contact.
  1. All entries must be in English or French, and 2,500 – 3,500 words long. Entries should…

View original post 392 more words

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Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline| a review

Ready Player One.

That is what introduces the user to the world of the OASIS in Ernest Cline’s utopia novel Ready Player One.

In a world where the energy reserves have gone down and the world economic system is slightly paralysed, users on Earth are introduced into an online utopia where they can do anuthing; where they can study and walk and drive freely without the constraints of Earth’s new physical and economic restrictions. They are in their own utopia.

And then there is the hunt for the builder of the OASIS easter eggs by gunters intent on winning the prize and being the inheritors of the man’s vast, sprawling empire.

In Ernest Cline’s work we have a world-within-a-world structure.

Lovers of the utopia and dystopia and science fiction genre will find this book all to their taste.

But I don’t really. I mean, it reads slowly, like every day conversation rammed up with eighties games and other trivia and the characters trying to one-up each other. All in their virtual reality world, that is.

Over Information

This book, though enjoyable I am its bits and pieces, contains a lot of over information and tecno-babble that the book could have easily done without.

The overload of information made the book an indefatigable bore. Honestly, the encyclopedic incursion into the eighties world and a whole lot of other trivia was unnecessary and could have been dispensed with easily and the book would not have missed a bit. It’s like he and Anne Rice had the same editor that edited nothing and left the entire ramblings untrimmed. Dear Lord.

The Quest

However, from the moment Watt discovers where to go for the quest of Halliday’s Copper Key, the story seems to pick up the slack and move forward…

And move forward… And move forward.

The story rode on a heavy crescendo of hard techno war within the virtual real world. To this effect, Ernest Cline had done great really, because the story now speeds along pretty quickly, a now amazing read from the initial bore it was.

And then the continued unraveling of the story and the quest… One magnificent quest for control of something that will control the entire dystopia physical world of Earth and the get-away utopia world of the OASIS.

Seriously, Ernest Cline really tried well in Ready Player One.

I will recommend this for virtual reality lovers.

Rating: 3/5

Reason for rating: my business only.

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How to earn free Bitcoins

What is Bitcoin
Like the name suggests, it is a coin, but in digital form, not physical. It exists in cyberspace, and Bitcoin has consistently proved to be the highest crypto currency in the whole world now because everyone wants to have at least one bitcoin.

It is worthy to note that people are gradually moving away from all things analogue and becoming mired in their digital counterparts. Now, with the unsteady nature of the dollar and other international currencies at the exchange, plus the fact that the third-party money transfer networks charge a lot in order to effect international money transfers, everybody has run into cryptocurrencies. That is the new deal right now: cryptocurrencies.


It is simply money in digital form, on open source blockchain networks that allow people to trade for them with other coins or the normal fiat currencies available, or to even earn them freely of charge through websites that give out thousands of whatever cryptocurrencies they deal in; there is also cryptocurrency mining. That is what makes it perfect: it is not money you have to carry around with you in your pockets, neither is there any limits to the transactions you can make with them. They are not subject to the normal laws; nobody can stop you from trading with them; nobody can monitor transactions you make online with for example bitcoin(BTC), litecoin (LTC), Ethereum, The Billion Coin(BTC), Ripple, Monero, and other cryptocurrencies.


Transactions with bitcoins and the likes of it are transacted on the Internet between peers_ it is peer-to-peer_ and there is nothing that can stop you. There are no transaction costs whatever; no government secret agencies can be snooping into your bitcoin wallet or your litecoin wallet. To this effect, a person can even launder huge sums of money across international borders and there is no way it can be detected.


When Bitcoins were introduced in 2009, they went for the ridiculous price of $0.09 dollar per one bitcoin. Now, they are valued at close to a $1,000 USD as at the time of writing this post. Imagine what it would have been like for someone to have invested a thousand dollars then in Bitcoins_ do you know how rich that person would be now? That person would be a multi-millionaire, and if you are Nigerian, then you are a multi billionaire. People now want to buy Bitcoins, but they are quite expensive; the value has appreciated to over a thousand times what it was like eight years ago.


However, there are ways to earn free Bitcoins. Several sites give incentives for people to earn units of the Bitcoin in what is called Satoshi or Bitcoin Faucets.

NB: there are a 100, 000 000 satoshis in one Bitcoin, and though this may ordinarily seem daunting to the average person who wants to have a Bitcoin, you can earn thousands of satoshi units in one day, accumulating them to the point that they will one day reach a single Bitcoin.


It is quite easy to earn free Bitcoin units, called satoshi which can accumulate to become one bitcoin. That was how I earned my first Bitcoin units, and now, I have quite a little best egg of satoshi units that I keep on selling all the time.


That’s the fun of it.

What are you waiting for? Follow this link to register and earn free Bitcoins here.

Want to buy The Billion Coin? Then Whatsapp me on +2347035074930 or email… Note that I however prefer a trade of these coins with Bitcoin.

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TwinkaS: how to register and make money on TwinKaS

TwinKaS works like MMM but not actually like MMM becouse you’ll get 200% return of any amount you donated. Another sweet part of it is that there aren’t any obligations to force members to join your down-line. No Spillover function. The system is designed for automation. So no need to look for people to refer before you can be paid. It’s not like other systems where you have to refer people in order to receive your payment. You register, you pay your Sponsor, and then your account will be fully operational, making you a sponsor. And then you’ll get someone who’ll pay you in turn.

When you Join, you will need to donate the sum of either N5000, N10,000, N20,000 or N50,000 to a fellow member assigned by the system or your direct link, and the member will then confirm your donation and then the system will automatically assign 2 other registered people under you from spillovers who will also pay you the joining amount each, into your bank account, making 200% (i.e. 200% of N5,000 is N10,000, 200% of N10,000 is N20,000, 200% of N20,000 is N40,000 and 200% of N50,000 is N100,000).

Click here to register for TwinKaS

You can also use your referral link to invite members to earn additional money into your E-Wallet. After you have received payment from 2 people under you, then the system will automatically EXIT you and allows unlimited registration into any package of your choice.

All donations are made directly to member bank account. Share your link to people and make the world a better place.

Click here to register for TwinKaS

Twinkas is serious with their business to the extent that once you open your account, you have just 24hours to make your payment or the system will delete you immediately..


50000 TO GET 100000 [THAT IS 200% Eg. X2 OF THE MONEY YOU DONATED]. So, in essence, you’ll be receiving – 150k.

Interesting,, right?

Apart from Twinkas, do you need other avenues to make your money? Then look no further, click on Loopers Club to make cool returns on your initial investment between 5 mins to 7 days.

Now that we have that over, let us continue with our Twinkas tutorial.


TwinKaS was designed to pay out typically on or before 21 days but You can join and get paid same day so it all depends upon the flow at which members joins the platform. Some people receive their money within hours, some within days. It all depends on incoming flow of people into the system.

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Before you join/create account with twinkas make sure you can make your payment to whoever you’re being merged with else the system will remove you after 24 hours. Note too that once your account is up and running, you’ll be paired with who to pay within thirty minutes; you’ll see a timer running on your dashboard, then after thirty minutes has clocked, you’ll be paired with who to pay_ you’ll be paired with an upliner who is called your Sponsor. That is the person you’ll pay to. Kindly make sure to call before and after payment so you’ll be confirmed.

1. To register, click here to create your TwinKaS account.

Create Your Account Now in the new page that will open, Then select the level you want to start from by clicking Sign UP at the list of the level you want.

2. After that a new page where you will fill your details will open. after filling all the details, click Create Account and you’re done

3. Before you will be able to see who you will pay to, you must select a package, so just scroll down on your Twinkas dashboard and click on Join a package now for you to see who you will pay to.


people call me on phone and ask me: I did a package on TwunkaS and want to do another one while the one I did is still running; I have not been paid.

Answer: Wrong, you cannot. Please wait to close the first deal and then enter another package after you had been paid for the first one you did. Don’t make this mistake, I beg you. Your money might just disappear…

NOTE: Always remember to submit payment proof after you have made payment becouse without it your payment will not be confirmed. And not only that, ensure to call the sponsor you’re going to pay to so you can be confirmed. Once you pay, upload your proof of payment; if you’re doing online transfer, kindly ensure that you screenshot the necessary pages. Then call your sponsor to Confirm payment. Then you become a sponsor and others will pay you.

What are you waiting for? Hurry now!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember, click here to register for TwinKaS


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