Name: Ugochukwu Kingsley Ani
Pseudonym: Adrian Banks
Occupation: legal practitioner, novelist, model, fashion photographer
Years active: 2007 _ present


Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria 2015

Ugochukwu Kingsley Ani is a Nigerian author who had put the pen to paper from the age of eleven when he had chosen to start working on the words that were speaking to him in his head. So far, he’s written and published several articles aand he has several books in the offing. He’s resident in Lagos, the financial capital of Nigeria as New York is to America.

When not writing, he focuses on his legal career, and he’s hoping to garner more knowledge and technical expertise in the Law before delving into the Legal Thriller genre. He loves to keep fit and exercise, and also works on a multi-purpose blog.

Phone: +2347069406152
Twitter handle: @aniugochi
Facebook Author Page:

If you got copies of his works either via the token retail price or free during his book promotions, please feel free to rate them and give your honest reviews. Thank you…


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