Marketing your Law Firm: Law Firm Digital Marketing Agency in Lagos _Kabbiz

Law firm marketing and marketing for lawyers in Nigeria has become a new hot topic because many lawyers are realizing that law practise entails knowledge of the business side of Law. This business side of Law involves marketing for law firms that wish to showcase their legal expertise to their target audience and attract the type of clientele they wish to have for their law practise.

The problem is that Nigerian lawyers are not versed in marketing; they instead rely on word of mouth and referrals to get their clientele. But as it stands, law firm marketing agencies are coming up to define their focus and develop marketing strategies for Lagos law firms so they can compete with other law firms globally.

Kabbiz Marketing Agency’s Kingsley U. Ani, the Creative Director, and head, legal marketing and research, says that lawyers face a shrinking global market which means that lawyers in Lagos and Abuja now have to compete with lawyers that practise globally.

“In one of our law firm marketing research, we discovered that lawyers want to market themselves but are usually at a loss on how to do this, given the Regulatory restrictions on marketing that they have to face,” Kingsley Ani says of the Kabbiz Legal Innovation Survey conducted on lawyers practising in Nigeria.

Kabbiz specializes in law firm marketing for Lagos and other Nigerian based law firms who are seeking to supercharge their law firm marketing and reach their target audience through inbound marketing means. Kabbiz is interested in building strategic and best legal digital marketing services for law firms in Nigeria. Kabbiz’s legal marketing is tailored towards helping innovative law firms attract and connect with legal services clients and grow their legal practise in Nigeria.

“Kabbiz operators understands the best digital marketing tools, systems and online advertising systems that will help to spread clients’ Brand names across Lagos, Abuja and the Nigeria,” says Anita Brown, chief marketing officer at Kabbiz. “Kabbiz helps lawyers with legal marketing that will make their law firms popular gain top of mind awareness with legal services consumers through content creation, influencer marketing, SEO, stunning web design and social media marketing.”

As a leading law firm digital marketing agency in Nigeria, Kabbiz has developed two different legal digital marketing packages: retainer legal marketing (monthly) and a one-time digital marketing solution. Each one is developed depending on the needs of the agency’s law firms’ needs.

Are you a law firm in Lagos or Abuja or other parts of Nigeria and need legal marketing solutions that will help you reach your global audience?

Find out how Kabbiz can help you with these by clicking here.

To read more about Kabbiz’s thought leadership articles, click here.

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