Bobrisky – Lessons to learn from Bobrisky

Bobrisky (aka Bobrisky222)Lessons to learn from Bobrisky


Kingsley Adrian Banks


A lot of people have heard about this guy and more people keep on hearing about him by the day. His real name is Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju. He is a Nigerian internet celebrity on Snapchat and Instagram, well known for his cross-dressing and Michael-Jackson style use of bleaching products for skin lightening.

Why would I suddenly decide to write about this guy? Two reasons: 1: I have not posted anything for some time now due to connectivity issues; for that I apologize to my readers and followers. 2. This Bobrisky guy is making waves, and continues to make a lot of waves even now as he frolicks around the US on a ‘tour’.

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Bobrisky is obviously an effeminate man (this much is obvious from the manner he carries himself and his soft, feminine voice), and must identify as a transgender or gender-neutral guy, what with the way he has defied gender stereotypes and has used his extreme left-wing deviance to garner lots of online media attention.

He has broken a lot of the norms the Nigerian society champions with their draconian approach and puritanism. He dresses and appears to the entire public as a woman-and those who meet him without really knowing who he is will naturally believe he’s a woman-though he is a biological male. This has brought him mixed attention. Some people love him; others hate him. Some are simply neutral about him because they don’t give a damn and couldn’t care less if he transforms himself like Caitlyn Jenner did. I know all these because I am curious about this bold guy that defies the entire Nigerian nation, so I see a lot of the mixed views people hold about him.

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However, it is worthy to note certain factors which a lot of people really do fail to grasp about his situation:

  1. The more they talk about him, the more popular he becomes. I found him myself by accident while doing research for an article.
  2. Because of his popularity, he has managed to build himself into a brand and has become the poster child for cosmetic de-pigmentation (skin bleaching).
  3. The more efforts people make to deride him and hate on him, the more others love him for being true to himself (in my own little way I must say I admire that; he can really be himself without caring about what anyone thinks about him)
  4. The more popular he becomes, the more people learn of his product, see his photos, and want to attain the kind of lighter skin he has. Which means more sales of his Bobrisky bleaching cream, and more money in his account. That is what people do not understand; their anger and hate fuels his success.

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  1. Be true to yourself and be the person you want to be. (He said it himself that he had always wanted to look and feel like a real woman; now he does. Babe even looks more glamorous than some biological females)
  2. Parlay yourself into a brand. (He did that, and his name is going down in Nigerian history as the first openly cross-dressing man in mainstream media)
  3. Work to achieve that objective you want to achieve. (He always wanted to look the way he does and he worked towards it, now he’s like that, along with a lot of perks attached for him)
  4. If you are able to close your eyes to what people say-or will say-about you and your chosen line of work, then you will most likely succeed in it, because nothing kills creativity like the fear of the masses. (This is my own personal advise to people out there).
  5. And finally, work hard to get it till you get it. And you will get it if you persist enough. Just look at Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju aka Bobrisky.

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