Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline| a review

Ready Player One.

That is what introduces the user to the world of the OASIS in Ernest Cline’s utopia novel Ready Player One.

In a world where the energy reserves have gone down and the world economic system is slightly paralysed, users on Earth are introduced into an online utopia where they can do anuthing; where they can study and walk and drive freely without the constraints of Earth’s new physical and economic restrictions. They are in their own utopia.

And then there is the hunt for the builder of the OASIS easter eggs by gunters intent on winning the prize and being the inheritors of the man’s vast, sprawling empire.

In Ernest Cline’s work we have a world-within-a-world structure.

Lovers of the utopia and dystopia and science fiction genre will find this book all to their taste.

But I don’t really. I mean, it reads slowly, like every day conversation rammed up with eighties games and other trivia and the characters trying to one-up each other. All in their virtual reality world, that is.

Over Information

This book, though enjoyable I am its bits and pieces, contains a lot of over information and tecno-babble that the book could have easily done without.

The overload of information made the book an indefatigable bore. Honestly, the encyclopedic incursion into the eighties world and a whole lot of other trivia was unnecessary and could have been dispensed with easily and the book would not have missed a bit. It’s like he and Anne Rice had the same editor that edited nothing and left the entire ramblings untrimmed. Dear Lord.

The Quest

However, from the moment Watt discovers where to go for the quest of Halliday’s Copper Key, the story seems to pick up the slack and move forward…

And move forward… And move forward.

The story rode on a heavy crescendo of hard techno war within the virtual real world. To this effect, Ernest Cline had done great really, because the story now speeds along pretty quickly, a now amazing read from the initial bore it was.

And then the continued unraveling of the story and the quest… One magnificent quest for control of something that will control the entire dystopia physical world of Earth and the get-away utopia world of the OASIS.

Seriously, Ernest Cline really tried well in Ready Player One.

I will recommend this for virtual reality lovers.

Rating: 3/5

Reason for rating: my business only.

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