How to register with N5000 and make lots of money in Nigeria with Givers Forum

Due to the unsavory economic recession that has hit Nigerian people, they are all looking for ways to make ends meet. So a lot of schemes which they would never have looked at in the past suddenly becomes very palatable to them.

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GIVERS FORUM, is just like MMM too. You will register and you will be matched to another person to receive your money.
But in Givers Forum, you are getting 10% of your money per week, making it 40% per month.
This means that you can cash out your money in the 1ST Week with 10%, 2ND Week with 20%, 3RD Week with 30% and 4TH Week with 40% (the maximum is 4 weeks). Then you will “GET HELP” and you will be matched with the person that will pay your total Earnings into your Bank Account.

Then if you are able to refer anybody at all, you will get 10% of the person’s money.

If your Downlines refer, you will get 5% and if your Down Downlines refer, you will get 3%.

Example, if you refer Mr A, you will get 10%.
If Mr A refers Mr B, Mr A will get 10%, you will get 5%.
If Mr B refers Mrs C, Mr B will get 10%, Mr A will get 5% and you will get 3%.
If Mrs C refer Sis D, Mrs C will get 10%, Mr B will get 5%, Mr A will get 3% and you will get 1%.

***The MINIMUM HELP you can PROVIDE is N5,000. And you will Enter the Amount like this 5000.00 or 10000.00 or 15000.00 or 20000.00 etc., depends on the total Amount you wish to use to Provide Help to the person you’re going to help.

***IMMEDIATELY You Submit Your REGISTRATION, Before you PROVIDE HELP at all, The Full Details Of This Business Will Be sent To Your Email Address By the ADMIN.

If you are INTERESTED, read on and then use the link below:

* PLEASE NOTE; Your email and BANK ACCOUNT Details are not Amendable after Registration. Check them very well before You Submit the Filled Form. In other words, you be very careful when entering your details into the site because you won’t be able to amend it after registration is Complete.

MMM is not the only one that pays

Giversforum pays you 40% of whatever you invest and you can invest or provide help of as low as 5000 naira and you get 10% bonus from any investment made by those you referred
And 5% bonus on those your down lines referred.

Register on the network today and enjoy amazing benefits.

Good news is that you can provide helpnand also receive help same day with your referral bonus or you can wait for 30 days to get help for the 40% bonus.
Or 10% bonus per week.

Register via this link:

What if you invite 10 persons who pledge 5k each?

You get 10% that’s 5,000
Then in turn the 10 people brings 10 persons each that’s 100 people who will pledge 5000 each you get 250*100=25,000

Now totalling:

And they keep bringing in more and more people, and you keep on earning percentages on what they pledge.


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