Cultural practise the of using Male sexual ‘hyenas’ in Malawi for sexual cleansing

It came into the media quite recently about the cultural practise in Malawi, whereby paid Male ‘Hyenas’_ men who are paid to have sex with Widows do so in order to bring about a sexual cleansing of the land. They do this in order to ward off more deaths in the family and cleanse the widow.

Also, these Male’ Hyenas’ are contracted by parents of girls in their adolescence after they have had their first menstrual cycle, to sleep with them so as to prepare them for womanhood.

Kindly note that they sleep with so many many women and girls without the use of condoms and they even boast about this. The reason is because some Male Hyenas get hired and paid more than others.

Recently, one of these Male hyenas was sentenced to prison for transmitting HIV AIDS to some of the women he’s slept with.

To me, this is one the many African cultural practise that should be eradicated because it’s harmful and inimical to female freedom. A Woman should be made to have the freedom to lose her virginity to the man of her choice and not to a man imposed on her by her parents.



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