The Zoo called Nigeria

We have the people here in the country always screaming out at the top of their lungs: “One Nigeria!”

But there is a question that has to be thrown out to these same people, and it is: ‘Do we really have a one Nigeria?’ Why is the Hausa-Fulani taking their matchets and killing all the people _ particularly the Easterners _ they can lay their hands on? Why is President Muhammad Buhari doing nothing about it? Why does he sit there on his high pedestal at the Aso Rock and says nothing to address the diverse ethnic-cum-cultural problems that seem to have besieged the country?

In Nigeria, there are diverse ethnic groups there available, with a myriad of cultures and languages they can boast of. However, what the government of the country seem to be running is not a government by the people and for the people but rather a government of the Northerners to subjugate the other ethnic groupings in the country. This is made obvious by the fact that Buhari has seen it fit to fire the many key office holders from other parts of the country that is not the North and has been replacing them with persons from the North.

As has been reported in the News lately, if this is not a strong message to other ethnic groups, then nothing else is. He is sending the message that he is not for one Nigeria, but rather for the North and those that support him.
The country is besieged by a lot of economic problems, all of them compounded by the fact that the rate of inflation is sky-rocketing as the days go by. The workers are being owed months’ salaries across the states, and the Government seem to be doing nothing about this. If the workers dare to complain, then they will be fired because there is a massive list of unemployed persons in the country waiting to take over the new vacant positions.
Question: is it a privilege or a right for the workers in the different government parastatals to be paid their salaries? Are they, as workers, not entitled to be paid for the work they have done? How does the government expect them to survive in the devastating Nigerian economy when they are yet to be paid their salaries for several months on end?

Is the above not an infringement of their rights?

If there really is a one Nigeria, then the government should really rethink their actions in recent times, for it is only in Nigeria that a governor will owe the workers millions in unpaid salary, have the guts to say that there is no money, and then go on ahead to be taking shopping trips abroad and living like kings in the government. Is it any wonder that the Easterners are agitating for BIAFRAEXIT? To them, why should they have to be suffering under the auspice of One Nigeria when they are not welcome in the existing social order.

This should be the food for thought for all educated Nigerians out there.

Thank you.


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