How to sell a lot of ebooks

Many writers think of being the very next big thing that have happened in the literary world next to the phenomenal success of E. L. James and her Fifty Shades trilogy. And to tell the truth, the woman has really had it made, and the truth is that she never even expected this to be the case for her because of the fact that she’d made it known that she’d never expected that phenomenal level of success to catch up with her and make her one of the highest selling authors of all time.
So, for the writers that are there self-publishing their books, the one major factor they have to take into cognizance is the fact that many book self-published authors do not make a dime from the book they had worked so hard to bring out to the online stratosphere for readers out there to read and for them to earn the royalties they richly deserve.
To tell the truth, after taking an in-depth look at the online book publishing industry, I have come to the decision that it is not a question of who the most talented author is: I have seen so many books that I think deserve their shot at the New York Times bestselling lists but the writer is one obscure unknown that nobody has heard of_ think of Disturb Not the Dream, a darn good book if ever there was one in the market. And there are authors whose books may be what is termed trashy, and yet, they have their spots on the bestseller lists. So there, you have it all now, life is unfair.
Know this: IT IS ALL ABOUT THE LUCK and only the HARD WORK THAT WAS EXPENDED INTO MAKING THE BOOK WHAT IT IS. You have to work really hard, and then you also have to be very lucky, because, as the saying goes in my country: it is not everybody that works hard that earns hard.
You make the book the best that you think it should be, and then you get it out. It does not stop there. You have to do a lot things for the book to have the visibility that you want it to have. There are quite a lot of things you can choose to do, and they are:

Blog about the book to the readers on the internet.
There are millions of people trolling the online world, looking for something or the other. These people could be looking for the next big read to occupy their time or they could be looking for the highest solution they can think of for their weight problem. If you blog about the book, even giving teaser chapters and even free copies of the work through whatever web site you have, then there is the possibility that the book may just get know to the right kind of persons that you may want for the book so that it can sell, rather than sitting on the hard drive of the epublisher that made it available to the public.
Not only that; you can also get your friends that are very good bloggers with high traffic to their blogs to do the blogging for you and they can also create links to the retailers carrying buyable copies of the work so that they can buy them with a click of the button.

Use Social Media
You have all heard that the Social Media keeps ballooning up with more and more users each month and each year. This can be a very great way for you to get the visibility that you want for the book. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc_ these can all be a very great way for the author of a work to get people to know about their work. You can try the very beat you can to get the book known across the various online profiles and networks that you have so that it will aid people to know what you have for your work.

The price of a book can a deal-clincher or a deal breaker. Many shoppers prefer to buy books that are lower priced rather than buying books that are so high-priced it’s as if you’re buying some Chanel Original from their showroom. Books that are set to free can get quite a lot of downloads, and books_ as shown from Amazon-generated statistics_ get more buys than books that are priced at a more higher amount.
It is the truth too that ebooks cost less than their print counterparts. You cannot set the price of an ebook at the exact same price or at a more higher price than the print equivalent of the book. So there, another plan exposed.

Set a marketing plan for the book

You have to plan for what you want the book you have spent a lot of time on, and the way to do this is to set a marketing plan for the  book in question. You can choose to schedule a blog tour for the promotion of your book, or you can choose to set out promotional campaigns for the work. By the latter what I mean is that you can choose to set a time discount for your work, or you can get the book out to the hungry readers for free maybe for a limited time frame. This will enable you to have some visibility, because, the more people get to download your book, the more possibility there are for them to like the work and the more possibility there is for them to inadvertently promote the book by even recommending the books to their friends and enemies_ think of how E. L. James was able to become a huge bestseller? Do you think that the woman sat down and marketed the book to the people in her home town? No, she sat down and let the book market itself because everybody was busy marketing the work for her by using the age-old word-of-mouth strategy. And it worked so well, the woman became an international phenomenon.

But then you will have to get it into your mind that not everybody can ever be her or Stephanie Meyer for that matter. So you will have to set something for your book that will make it to resonate with the readers out there.

Use pre-orders
This is one feature that the ebook sellers like Smashwords and even Amazon will tell you that can get you the high number of sales that you crave for your book. If you set your book to be a pre-order, then what this means is that the book will not be published for some time or until the specific date that you had set as the publication date of the book. It wall enable the readers to order for your book and they will then receive it on the day that it will be released. This can help to spike up the ranking of a book on the bestseller ranks. And one other thing is that the book will be out there on the sites you choose to promote it on and the like, and the word will be spreading across all panels of the online world.

Consider using this feature for your book, and you can even set the publication date of your book to be as far back as one year.

That’s the end of it all for now. Hope to get you more tidbits soon. Come back for more.

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