Nigerian Law School Lagos campus


The Nigerian law school Lagos is the very first law school to exist in Nigeria. I had always wanted to go there but then I read the so-called horror stories that were being circulated on the internet by the students that were posted there and so I was petrified of going there. However, when the posting for the 2014/2015 set came out, I found out that I was posted there and so I had to get my black ass there. On getting there you’ll find out that the number of the students there per room is six. There are bunk beds for the students to us for their lying quarters.

Some of those that had posted their stories about the campus had said that the lecture theatre is too stuffy and that the students normally pass out in the class during the course of the lecture. However, the reverse is the case; the lecture theatre is too refrigerated and the students even freeze in the class. That is the case there. In the case of the food, it is the very peppery variety that an ulcer student may very much hate, and the prices are very affordable, particularly the vendors that sell the food outside the school gate.
In terms of electricity, there may be the NEPA light which is not even very reliable, but there are some standby generators that they usually switch on by 7pm and then switch the thing off by 12am. Then the students are expected to be on their own for the rest of the night. The generator is switched on during the early morning and then it is switched off again.

With regards to the lecture time and the mode of teaching by the lecturers involved, they are the very best I can think of. The lecturers are very good, and they really drill the news and the information into the heads of the students so that all the students can learn the very best of what they can learn at the school and then graduate from the school with the very best result that they can possibly come out with. That is the reason why many people are interested in going to the school. They simply are the very best, and in my own humble opinion there is nothing else to beat that.

It is true that many people have been posting online that the school is very bad and then that the living accommodations are very bad, but I will say that the information being sent out by people is false. The school is very good, very nice and okay for learning for the students that are very interested in the studies they are there to pursue. If you want to go there, then by all means do so. Thank you very much. And please do stop by this blog for more.


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