How to burn body fat

How to burn body fat and keep the fat off.


Model poses for the #weightloss selfish pose. Lagos Nigeria 2014

Sometimes I do see people and the problem that they claim to have is the fact that they have too much body fat in their bodies and the thing with that is that they would like to burn the fat off and then keep that fat at bay in the future. But the problem that many of them seem to be encountering is that fact that they do not really know how to burn that fat off, and even when they succeed in burning the fat off, they only seem to succeed just for a very limited time before that fat comes rushing back into their bodies. They seem to be having the highs and the lows of body fat.

So, the multi-million-dollar question is this is: how do they get the fat off of their bodies and then get the fat to stay away? Here’s how it can be very easily done with the body. The steps are too very simple, though some people do think that it is impossibly hard for them to succeed.

The very first thing that any person who is trying to lose weight should learn to do is to keep the unhealthy foods away from the house. The reason for this is very simple: if you do not have all those greasy, fat-saturated foods in the pantry then it would be almost impossible for you to craving them. Go through the contents of your freezer or the fridge in the kitchen, close your beautiful eyes very resolutely, and then start to pack all those horrible unnatural foods that you have there and then chuck them away into the trash can so that they will never be there to haunt you again and make you to crave them. It is a very simple thing to do and I have done it myself. If those cookies and the brownies and the chocolate is not there chilling just within reach then there can be no way they can tempt you to eat them if you are looking for something to fill your stomach with. Instead, buy the healthy alternatives instead so that those ones will be the things that you see when you pull the refrigerator door open.

The very second thing to be done is for you to start moving your body; in other words, go and start to work out. Sigh. I do know that many people do abhor the very thought that they should work out. The first thing that comes to the mind is this is: why should I work out? The reason is very simple: working out is not as luxury for the rich and for those that have the excess time to waste on their hands but rather it is a necessity for everybody. It helps to tone your muscles and to keep you looking incredibly fit and confident. YOU CANNOT BEAT THE CONFIDENCE THAT EXERCISE BRINGS TO THE BODY. Rather than getting into the car for that fifteen-minute drive to the church why not walk instead? Rather than getting into the elevator to go up a flight of stairs why not walk up the stairs and even better yet run up the stairs so that your body can benefit from the exertion?

Yes, I do know that many people do complain of the fact that they find it very difficult to try to exercise themselves. The reason is because you’re probably still starting the thing so you need for your body to adjust to it, and you also need to keep on motivating yourself to try harder than you were doing before so that you won’t slacken even if you want to. It was that very way for me too when I had first started, but now, I cannot even begin to imagine a world where I will stay without working out my body_ I’ll go stark crazy.

The third thing for you to do with yourself is for you to go and start living a very healthy lifestyle which will benefit you in the long run. Rather than go out with the friends you have who are hell bent on stuffing you with unholy amounts of alcohol and the unhealthy beverages that they wolf down all the time, why not stay home and do something healthy for yourself? Please bear it in mind that when you make the decision for the path of a very healthy lifestyle then your friends who are not on that path will invariably pull away from you. They’ll tell you that you do not have much in common anymore since you won’t live the kind of life that they live, and I must tell you that even though it will be very hard for you to stay away, in the end it is all worth it. The ways people will admire your stunning body will more than make up for the friends and the dinner dates that you will lose in the short run. You will feel so in love with your body that even if the thought were to flit through your mind that you could go back to that horrific lifestyle you lived before you will shudder with disgust and anger. Trust me, I know_ I’ve been there before and will not go back to that ever again. Been there, done that.

Next thing for you to do with yourself is for you to look for the fitness mentor that will help to spur you on to the great heights that you crave for your body. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the mentor you choose will be somebody you know in the physical life or somebody you always see very early in the morning going for his or her two-mile run in the neighborhood. The mentor can come from anywhere: it could be the woman who is your favorite TV presenter and who lives a very healthy life or it could be that vegetarian celebrity you always see in the screens telling you to try and live a very inspiring life while looking very stunning barely two months after giving birth to her third child. It could be your very own favorite TV person_ the point here is that the mentor who can help you to live up to the goals you’ve set for yourself is quite indispensable. You need one; I have mine: Heidi Klum, Miranda Kerr, Madonna, Doutzen Kroes . . . all these women and many more have been my very biggest inspiration over the years and I must swear that I owe my fitness life to them and the fact they makes it work. If you have none, then you can even choose me to be your mentor. Yes, me. Send me an email and I will be very happy to help in whatever way that I can for you.

Next thing is for you to throw away the misconception that lifting weights does make women to develop heavy muscles like the professional female bodybuilders they see on the screens. That can’t be very farther from the truth. I am a man, though effeminate anyway, and I have a lot of estrogen in my body and I have been lifting weights since I was sixteen years old; I’m 21 this year. I have no bulky muscles; instead the muscles are very well toned and very good to look at minus the bulkiness that the women are so terrified of. A woman must learn how to lift weights and the reason is because of the fact that it helps to tone the muscles and to burn the very stubborn fat that hours of aerobics can never do away with. But before you start to complain that you have no weights, allow me tell you that you need only your stunning body as the weight that can spur you on to model-hot good looks. So, good luck, stand up on your feet and start moving that very gorgeous body.

The next rule of thumb for you to adhere to is for you to go about dumping all that very horrible meat you stuff yourself with at the dinner table. Science has proven that people who are into vegetarian diets usually have lesser body fat than those who eat the flesh of animals. Going meat-less at the table also helps to get rid of all the acne that you may have in you and help to minimize the build-up of the fatty tissues in your body. That is a fact.

Another wonderful thing for you to do for yourself would be for you to make the list of the things that you’d wish to get rid of in your life and make sure that you keep that list in an area where you’ll be seeing the thing every day and reminding yourself of the promise you’d made to keeping yourself very fit and very healthy. Keep on adding to that list the very bad stuff that you wish to eradicate from your life and you’ll be very surprised the list will make you to keep the focus of what you want for yourself.

And please you can comment with your own suggestions on what others can do with themselves so that even you will serve as the inspiration that they may need in order to get themselves up and moving in their houses. And please do not be a couch potato; get up and move! Thank you. And remember that you have only one body and life to live in this world_ if you lose them then know that you will never get the second chance to live again. Happy day to you all and have the fun you wish to have but only do it the healthy way.


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