Tilly Bagshawe and Sidney Sheldon

One day I was busy hunting around for Sheldon ebook to add to my collection of eBooks when I accidentally stumbled on the name of Tilly Bagshawe. It was the Mistress of the Game she had written in Sheldons name. And there were more of her works. It was obvious that she was following the pattern created by the subsequent author of Virginia Andrew’s works.

I read the Mistress of the Game, the continuation of The Master of the Game. In my opinion, the woman can write and she did a good Sidney Sheldon immitation but there were the incestuous sex scenes in the book that had many readers cringing on Goodreads as they reviewed it.

Then came the other works: Angel of the dark, After the darkness,. Then there was Tilly’s own works: Adored, Fame…. I’ve read some of these works, and though I can set that the woman tried to be Sidney, I had to see what others thought and it turned out that many people were ticked off by her writing, all saying that they had been ripped off, buying books which they thought were written by Sheldon but which turned out to be something conjured by an ‘attention-seeker’. What is your opinion? Should this woman hang up the Sheldon belt and focus on her own career or should she continue???


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