The ebook revolution

Hey there everyone. There was a time during my early teens that i had to depend on the books my sister got for me to read before I could do so. Then I was surfing the net in my father’s parlor and seeing a lot of wonderful books that I’d have killed to read. How could I ever read all the novels in Anne Rice The Vampire Chronicles? Or the works of Grisham? What about the wonderful Steven King? I was pathetic.

Then one day I read about the advent of eBooks and I thought to my silly self that if I ever had one then it’s a pipe dream come true. Are you laughing at me yet? Wait, the best is yet to come. I know I craved those wonderful books that existed in the ecopies and I always dreamt that one day my own works will be there _ I’m a writer though still in the editing stages of my third unpublished work, The Wedded Whore.

I’m a student and in Nigeria where I come from, if your father isn’t the president then you really have to work to the bones. I did, and then I bought my first android phone. Then I started first by getting some Ereader Apps and downloding those books. Oh my God!!!!! So much like a wet dream! I had all the works of all the worldwide bestsellers I wanted. I never had more than 4 books in my entire life but I’ve currently worked my way through over a hundred ebooks. I have 300 more.

It now makes me to wonder what the fate of print books are. Gosh, they’re soooooooo old, and wastes trees. Many people are now so into eBooks that it’s little wonder that the mega publishers are now churning out electronic books by the thousands. Haha. The ebook revolution is here and I bet its here to stay.


Whats the need to go about carrying around heavy novels by Maeve Binchy, Nora Roberts, Anne Rice, Stephanie Meyer, Sidney Sheldon, Tilly Bagshawe, etc, when you can have them all in your ereader? And besides, the eBooks save a lot of trees. Shouldn’t we all embrace it?


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