My weight loss story

I’ve always had a trim body, all thanks to hours of exercise. I wake up very early to either run or do my circuit training or yoga. They all help to keep me trim. But everyone I know keeps on asking to know what my motivation was. Was it too fat? No. Did I want to be as thin as a model? Maybe. And I always struggled to keep and maintain a healthy weight because all my friends were getting fatter and me, thinner. That must have really driven me. I’m not sure if this is the case.

I always ditched alcohol, meat, sugar, snacks, drinks, heavy eating. Everything was substituted for healthy things. I ate more eggs, drank more water, ate less cookies, exercised harder and longer, stayed more out of the sun, walked more. And because I’d ditched all the fun foods that i used to love, eating better and simpler, I was getting thinner. Once a guy I knew greeted me, and he was staring at me as if he’d never seen me before. Later on he told me that there was a change in me he was trying to put his hands upon, and then it clicked for him: ii was thinner, my face was less fleshy than it used to be, and I was lighter in complexion_stunning. Why? Did I have to be so changed, my body less scarred with acne, my stomach so flat it scared him?

“your stomach is too flat. It shocks me, ” he said.

Yes, it shocked me too. The man in the mirror is healthier, thinner, and how did I do it?
1. No fish or meat__ a strict vegan diet.
2. No need for snacks
3. No less than 3 days of fitness routine every week with emphasis on yoga and bodyweight strength training.
4. More activities physically
5. More water and zero soda and soft drinks
6. More rest.
7. Less cellulite in my food


My weight loss journey

Yes, this may sound harsh, and I guess it is, but that’s what’s worked for me. It is frankly difficult for you to see me across the room and not stop to stare if you’ve known me all my life. With my thinner face and body, my stomach which is ridiculously flat, my lighter skin and darker hair (did I mention that I was black??) My smooth, lighter skin which came about cos of my diet and severe lifestyle adjustment, carefully plucked brows, and the new confidence, I know I’m worth it. Is it weird? Should I not bother? Should I choose to leave it all?

And no, I can’t. Not now, the quest for health is too strong….


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