Foods that prevent weight loss

Nigerians are very well known for the few foods they eat which can be prepared in a variety of ways. However, for any person who wishes to lose weight and drop off the extra pounds, or just to live healthy and maintain a very healthy weight for his or her self, particularly young women who are more susceptible to weight gain in their twenties and their thirties, there are a variety of foods that any person actively seeking weight loss must avoid. I know that some persons have very unusual work schedules like the college students and those who have night shift works_i am in the former category of persons. But that’s not an excuse to be lazy and give reasons why you shouldn’t eat right. Foods that impede weight loss include:
1. White rice. This is loaded with high carbs, and it should be noted that in order to lose weight, a person must limit calorie intake or the weight remains. Instead, eat brown rice.
2. Soft drinks and diet sodas. These are loaded with artificial flavours and sugar which HASTENS weight gain. If an average college student takes a bottle of coke or fanta every day in the school with his or her lunch, and the bottle is loaded with ten cubes of sugar, then calculate the amount of calories you wolf down.
3. Red meat. Need I talk bout this? Doctors always scream at their patients to stop eating red meat, and the reason is not far fetched. Why not substitute with fish and white meat?
4. Snacks. This is what many people take for enjoyment in between meals. Why? Snacking is a habit that miss sure the weight you’re trying to lose piles on your waist and refuse to leave. Instead of eating the meat pies, rock buns, sugared biscuits, etc, why not eat fruits like apple, oranges, water melon, ground nuts? These are healthy alternatives.
5. Chicken with its back on. The back of chicken and turkey is loaded with fats which will pile on the hated weight. Before eating chicken, skin it first. Your waist and body will thank you.
6. Too much food for dinner. Many people especially workers, tend to make their dinner the biggest meal of the day. That’s too bad for you when you eat rice, with plantain, drink coke, eat bread and then top it off with chocolate cake. Hahaha. You might think it’s funny that you’re a champion eating machine but your waist shall weep for your over indulgent eating.
Make your dinner to be the smallest food for the day and drink a lot of water with it. Your skin and the waist will love you for it. It takes 20 minutes for your stomach to register that you’re full so if you’re the hungry type, why not eat slowly? Eh?
7. Alcohol. People love alcohol. I don’t. You know why? It wrecks havoc with my shape, ruins my liver and kidneys, and of course gives blotchy, puffy, skin and makes you look horrible. If drinking alcohol and looking like something that was vomitted out on the sidewalk is what makes you look rich, then I’d rather remain average. Alcohol is a weight-wrecker and that’s something the sellers and manufacturers will never tell you.
8. Greasy foods. Fly Away from any foods that are fried in grease and fats. They ruin your shape and your skin.
9. Avoid trans fats and saturated fats in the oils you cook with and the foods you eat. Go for the olive oil: its better and healthier.
10. Over eating. Why do so many people overeat nowadays? That second helping of that amala soup or rice will be your undoing. Resist that delicacy which is almost irresistible to you because nothing is. Say no, or better yet, leave the table. Your stomach should never be too full, it should be half full so that water can have space on that abused cavity you stuff with unneeded foods and drinks.

And above all, learn to exercise. My god!!! So many people can’t even walk a short distance without Panting for breath. Be active. I know you love your sleep_ I do too. But contrive to wake up half an hour early maybe go for a run, or a walk, or even dance, or do yoga. Swimming nko? Shadow boxing is there too to help kick the excess weight off. And you may also like to this Post about the adverse effects of certain foods.


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  1. brandzcart says:

    Too much food and health body is the result of Nigerian food. There is a website that also describe effective weight loss treatment


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