Genevieve Nnaji and Nyomi Banxxx

Genevieve Nnaji and Nyomi Banxxx
The two actresses really look a lot like each other without even knowing each othe4r or being located in the same of the world. First is the former is  a Nigerian actress who has made waves in the African movie scene because of her roles in a myriad of movies over the passage of the years. On the other hand, Nyomi is a black American adult film actress and producer who has starred in over a hundred porn movies and is well-known in the trade. However, some people who has seen one of the porn star’s movie are all so convinced that she is Genevieve, and I must say that I almost thought the same thing when I first saw the movie; they looked so freakishly alike that some people will not know the difference between them. here is their vital statistics.


Genevieve Nnaji 2014

Year of birth: 1981
Nationality: Nigerian
Occupation: film actress
Number of children: one child_ a girl
Number of movies: over one hundred



Nyomi Banxxx

Year of birth: 1973
Age: 41
Nationality: American
Occupation: adult film actress
Number of movies: over one hundred

For the movie in which the American film actress starred in which was then attributed to the Nigerian actress, click here to read the article.


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  1. dane2 says:

    I love that clearification of doubt god bless u


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