How to prevent Ebola disease

26 year old Dr. Ada of FCMC survived the Ebola disease partly on account of her strong immunity and quick treatment.
See 10 ways to boost your immunity:
1. Get enough sleep (7-9 hours) and manage stress
2. Avoid tobacco smoke
3. Drink less alcohol
4. Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds
5. Consider use of supplements and probiotics
6. Get 10-15 minutes exposure to Sunlight daily
7. Add Garlic and Ginger to food
8. Eat Medicinal Mushrooms
9. Avoid simple sugars e.g soft drinks
10. Eat Avocado.
Please share this post to your friends and tells us you’ll agree to these tips… please send to others to help save lives. 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬… please stay safe…


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  1. And if you have any tips or links please feel free to paste them here


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