Sorry, Mrs Carter

Dear Mrs Carter,
I know the world has been at your throat since the night of the Met Gala little Solange Knowles attacked your beau. The divorce rumors and infidelity theories started flying around. Hey, you maintained your calm.


Beyonce Knowles Carter

They want to destroy your marriage, and you’ve kept mum. They said the only thing keeping you and your husband together is the On The Run Tour. But I doubt it. You are team Carter, and you must not be destroyed by the media: Us Weekly, Life & Style magazine, E! Online, and the effect of their hypocrisy. They shall not destroy your marriage, you hear???????!!!!!

We love you, I love you very very very much, and I feel for you. Carry one. It is with tears in my eyes that I write this. You’re above them, and you shall excel.

Kingsley Adrian loves you. Be safe… peace…


About kingsleyadrian

Kingsley Adrian Banks is the owner of K. Ä. B. Media, a freelance legal Writing service for busy corporate firms in need of superior content but cannot do it themselves. contact:
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