Does keeping long nails make a guy look irresponsible?

Hey there every one.
I was doing a little surfing on the #1 online forum for Nigerians and ran into a post about long nails. The question posed was for the general population but I think that the writer had men as his target audience when he was writing that post. So, here goes. Does keeping long nails make you look irresponsible? Or is it a lifestyle statement?

What do you think? What’s your own opinion?
I am a male fashion model and keeping long, perfectly groomed, whitish colored nails is the thing. Keeping long nails is a sign of sure esthetics but if your nails are yellowish or filled with dark dirt, please cut them or learn to bleach them white. Yes, white…. and also learn how to do a manicure. Nails are good, just only you must know how to rock them. Otherwise, please do not bother.

However, many people seem to have the belief that long nails is a sign of sin and depravity and I wondered why that is. Their annoyance is more pricked if the long-nailed creature is a guy (gasp!!!) And then they’re like ‘omg!’ Why?? What are you keeping them for? I’ve received such gasps and looks but still, man people do love and praise my long nails because I do keep them so well and groomed, you can’t just not love them. (A picture of me at one of my photo shoots is here; scroll down for a glimpse).

So what do you think? Should guys be encouraged to keep their long nails should they conform to the expected age long views that their nails should be short, broken, with dirt caked underneath them? (Gasp!! Disgusting!!!) What is your take on the topic??? Let’s hear your thoughts…



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