A personal response to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on homosexuality

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on Sochukwuma and the lives of homosexuals in Nigeria.

This is my personal response to the article that appeared from Chimamanda Adichie pertaining to the feminine acting boy Sochukwuma and the lives of homosexuals in our Nigerian culture. See the link above. Yes, in her own way she said the truth; to me, Nigeria should not bother with the thing that persons choose to do in the privacy of their rooms. How ever, there is an impression she made that I’d like to corrwct. The acclaimed writer mad the insinuation that all effeminate men are gay. But hey, but news: they’re not all gay, though they grow up with a higher tendency to be gay than other men.

Why the bloody suck would Chimamanda say that all effeminate men are gay???

Is that not a way of deriding them more???

Yes, millions of people read the articles of the queen of words, Ms. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Why would she erroneously be spreading a wrong notion? That is very bad. She’s an educated woman and, should actually act like one.

So why should she try to insinuate that the effemiate men of the world, or rather, of nigeria, are gay? It’s just like giving a dog a bad nname. I understand that she is trying to defend gays, but please leave feminine guys out of it because they are not all gay, though some are___ but ten there are more masculine gay men our there than there are feminine men since feminine men make up only about ten percent of the entire male population. Yes, I understand that you feel you’re a knight in shining amor and must speak out for them. No problem. Write a work about the lives of gays, for example just like you did in your short story collection The Thing Around Your Neck, and do some research first. But, I repeat, leave the effeminate men out of it. They have more problems already about their gender presentation without you having to add more fuel to the flames. Ok????

So please let the femme guys be!!!!!!


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