Sidney Sheldon : Nothing Lasts Forever; a review


Sidney Sheldon is one of the few authors who always tries as much as possible to outdo themselves in their writing careers. Here is one of his books that had me sitting at the edge of my chair as I read the book: Nothing Lasts Forever. We’re introduced to a sensational murder trial of Dr. Paige Taylor and about the publicity she and her two flatmates are receiving. And then the real game begins. We see the three doctors coming together in a hospital that is dominated by males, most of them who think that the women should not be there even if they are, they should be nurses, not doctors.

Sidney Sheldon infuses a lot of technical knowledge into the work, making everything seem so believable and leaving you to think that you’re in a real world and not the world of fiction. The book was so fast-paced you’ll be racing through it without pausing even to drink water. We see Kat, a female tornado who is black and had the guts of a gutter fighter, one who have no damn about her colleagues and what they think of her. Next is Honey, the sweet lady with the sunny disposition and grossly incompetent mind for the medical profession in which the lives of her patients are in her hands. But since Sidney Sheldon has a flair for the simple and the provocative, let’s us laugh because the woman has incredible sex skills that keeps everybody singing to her honey tunes and helps her get her way. And then, the queen of the trio, Dr Paige, the woman who struggles just like her friends but who is a darn good fighter. With these ingredients, a winner work is inevitable.

And then murder comes into the mix, and their worlds turn upside down. Why did Kat make a bet in order to get the better of a male prick who thinks he’s God’s gift to women? Why did the three women dream big about a nice expensive vacation they could not afford? Why did Paige fall into the hands of a brilliant surgeon who hates her work and whose words to her were enough to send her to the gas chamber if she was convicted? And why were the fates against the three women?

Sidney Sheldon keeps us all on our toes with his invaluable suspense in this staggering tale of timeless love, greed, murder, beauty, and great suspense that kept me glued to the pages, this is a modern medical thriller that is a work unto itself. He didn’t disappoint. But of course, like he did in Are You Afraid of the Dark? He rushed the epilogue. Though the diehard fans of Sheldon will not be disappointed; I wasn’t. It was one of his best works.

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