It is true that many people resort to skin bleaching in order to get a lighter skin and our able Nigeria women are not left out of the game to gain skin as light as that of an Americano. It is believed by many that a woman with lighter skin has a higher chance of attaining more prestige and of course, her marriage prospects gets higher than that of her darker counterparts. Anyway, the WHO has given out its official info that nigerian women has the highest percentage of skin bleach changes worldwide.

And then, I thought to myself that it might be true, but how do they get their stats? Is there no room for error? And why would 70% of the country’s women go about struggling to get a lighter skin? What is the big deal? I think I know because some of them has issues with their looks, and they go about running to hydroquinone products of which Abidjan seems to be dominating the country’s market in skin bleaching. And then, these products are so not properly regulated by any national body for such matters, and in the end, the women get damaged..
And please do not forget that even the men in the country have been affected by the lets-get-white syndrome.

So, in the long run, what, has this to say about the people of this country.?  Why this self hatred? These issues?

This is Kingsley Adrian, the voice of the world.


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