A review of G. A. Hauser’s In The Dark


G. A.
Hauser’s In The Dark: a review

When I first picked up the work by the author, i thought that I had something going for me to read and spend some time on. But first, I have to admit that I have never read any work by that author before. Anyway, the book started out fine, with very nice prose and moving, forward dialog. But at a point there came an avalanche of hated words like: “he snarled seductively”, “he hissed seductively”, and a host of others that made me cringe. Why use a lot of “oh fucking christ!” and other blasphemous words to describe hot sex? Frankly, it was disappointing and really annoying.

And where is the good old storyline that doesn’t feature strangers fucking idiotically and continuously as if the world has no end? Because there was no balance, and it seems crazy that strangers will just bang like that without any inhibitions about each other. Ghhhrrrr!!! So crass! It was a disappointment and a bummer. I had to toss the book out when I was a little more than Halfway through it. This woman should do better. We want strong voices and not big penises and no brains. I will give this work 1.5 out of 5 stars

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