Murder of Dwayne Jones


The murder of Dwayne Jones was so bad and also so fucking injurious to the life other her guys in that country where he met his untimely end at the hands the muggers who saw it fit to take his life because of some perceived defect in his psychological makeup. And do you know what the annoying part was? The bastards had no reason to do away with him. What could a sixteen-year old hermaphrodite do to them to warrant murder?

The bastards not only beat him up; they stabbed him, and then they run him over with a car, leaving him to die an Agonizing death that I can only wish for my worst enemy in the world. So what does this show about the youths of the world over and those in Jamaica where this horrible murder was committed? Intolerance.  The people’s of the wide wod are so prejudiced against the effeminate male, and whether or not he is gay iof no water to the equation. And just imagine; even his own father hated him enough to throw him out and encourage the members of the street to treat him as an outcast. Oh my, how painful and cruel. This same father of his even refused to go and claim his murdered body when he died. And he was just a boy of 16. Heaven have mercy! Why hate on the gays and those who love them? Why not just let him be? Did they have to kill him?

Yes, it is true that the International community has cried foul play for the murdered teen, but then what can they do? If the people of the world refuse to change their mindset towards gender non-conformist, then even Barack Obama himself can order this hazing to stop but it won’t stop. And that is terrible to the highest order. Dwayne Jones had to die in order for people to finally call black as it truly is. What a terrible pity; I am sorry to say this. Such a shame and such a waste of someone who could have contributed well to the society.

And I know that this is what the effeminate teen the world over has to face every day of his lifetime: that one day he will be so battered by haters that death would be a welcome relief from the torture. And do not try to forget that anyone could have been that teen who died for no reason. What if it is YOU???  What will you think of it? That should serve as food for thought to everyone who has been able to see this post.

This is Kingsley Adrian, the voice of the world.


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