Gay group attacks Nigerian web portal in protest for violation of their rights

The Ministry of Information has recently released the news that the
nation’s web portal, was
on Thursday night attacked by a group of gay
rights activists.
Special Assistant to the Minister of Information,
Mr. Joseph Mutah, said in a statement on
Friday that the attack was successfully warded
off by the ministry, adding that additional
measures would be taken to prevent such
attacks in the future.
He said, “The attackers were traced to the
same group that recently attacked several
countries’ government websites across the
world, claiming to be fighting for gay rights.
“The attacks are a criminal attempt to blackmail
countries which have resisted pressures by
homosexuals to legalise gay marriages as is
practised in some countries to do same.
“While we recognise that Nigeria is a full-
fledged democracy with robust guarantee of
freedom of opinion by all citizens, it is criminal
for anyone within or outside our country to
use criminal means to express or canvass
such opinions. The Ministry of Information will
liaise with security agencies to investigate last
night’s attack.
“Nigeria is a highly cultured and religious
society, whose people remain overwhelmingly
opposed to the imposition of gay rights and
marriages as practised in some countries.”

But this serves the Nigerian portal right because the Government is making a big political issue out of the private lives of people. Gays have their rights, and instead of making repressive laws to repress them in an atmosphere that’s already brimming with hatred against them, they should be left in peace. This gay politics is being needlessly overflogged: why? And unless the country learns to let sleeping dogs lie, then you will destroy these gays who’re seeking only to be left alone.


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