Homosexualism in the Nigerian culture

Nigeria is filled with peoples of different outlooks, religion, sexual orientation. . . Does the last part sound unwonted? To an average Nigerian, of course yes. Many Nigerians are gay_ male and female, but of course the Nigerian society is so terribly bigoted against the notion of a man being sexually attracted to his fellow man that such is an unmentionable taboo that cannot see the light of day. No siree, it cannot.

In Nigeria, gays abound at all levels of the society_ the institutions of learning, the labor market, the churches, etc_ but they have no voice. Their affections must be kept hidden or else they’ll face punitive measures at the hands of the society. Currently, there is a new legislation banning, not only same-sex marriage, but also any form of gay association whether in public or in private. That’s why homosexualism is an indoor, underground thing that goes on in the dark. I wonder why. I mean, so many people in the country are gay_ accept it or not. Prominent men and women, politicians, business tycoons, students, housewives, mothers and fathers_ there are people who fall into this category that are gay. Yet, because of the intense homophobia that exists in the country, they’re forced to hide their true nature, get into straight relationships; they tow the line or else. . .

And why is this the case? Because gays are scared to stand up and fight? Yap. If you are gay in Nigeria, you dare not come out, not even to your family. Your life could then be in danger and you may be forced to flee the country, and woe betide you if you do not have the requisite resources with which to disappear. You can have your gay sexual relationships, but not in the eyes of the public. You cannot even make a public display of affection to your lover because the society will pounce on you. That’s the way it is in Nigeria. And what then do gays do? They go underground; they cloak their sexuality; they subsequently get mired in an unhappy marriage, go on the side, pick up a guy and fuck ’em or be fucked depending on who’s who in the relationship; some even resort to rape and molestation( this is prevalent in the schools and in many cases the victims cannot go to higher authorities because of the crushing stigma attached). And why not? If the gays in Nigeria can’t be given an open platform to express their sexuality then what else are they expected to do? Commit suicide? Oh please!

Nigeria really needs to re-evaluate the scenario in the country. It accepts thieves, thugs, et cetera. . . Why not accept gays? Why treat ’em as outcasts? I mean, that’s why so many flee the country. That’s the main reason given by asylum-seekers for their denunciation of their Nigerian citizenship. Come on! Homosexualism thrives as a flourishing sub-culture in the country_ why not let it be? So, the country needs to rethink its stance and cut out the bigotry_ it is damning. . . .


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