Beauty secrets for women

In our modern-day world,with high-powered media advertising and TV sitcoms and movies showcasing the desirability of physical beauty,the quest for physical perfection is invariably on the increase and everybody,both male and female,wants a slice of the action in order to project more aesthetics and confidence.Truth is:a stunning natural look can be achieved without a horde of beauticians hovering over you and swarming over you like flies.


In order to start,let me point out that a beauty-conscious person takes cognisance of every part of the body and the necessary things to do.So,here goes…

HAIR:You must start with your hair.Why?Because this is one of the first things a person you meet takes notice of.Great hair makes for great confidence.Choose a haircare routine that suites your hair and your time.Moisten,and if possible,wash your hair regularly with a good shampoo and conditioner.Use essential hair oils to give your hair a nice sheen.Choose a flattering haircut that accentuates your face.If in a dilemma,ask your stylist for advice.Dye your hair if you wish,but do not overdo it.

EYEBROWS:Take notice of your brow shape and face shape to know exactly what to do in terms of plucking.Then pluck your brows,or wax them.If you’re going to pluck,do not remove hair from the top,but from the bottom.

FACE:Choose a skincare routine that suits your skin type.Avoid oil buildup,especially for acne prone skin.Cleanse your face and neck daily,and use a sunblock moisturiser to help smoothen your skin texture.Use a toning cream too,to help with skin firming.Use makeup.But mildly,not excessively,to avoid looking like a painted mask.A little eyeshadow that goes with your eye and dress color;use of kohl to dramatically highlight your eyes;lip gloss;face powder,and you’re done.Natural and simple,and coupled with a flawless

BODY:Keep your body looking good,cos it’s your greatest asset.Exercise regularly,as this helps to firm you up and keep your skin clear.Eat healthy_avoid junk food.Remove unwanted body hair.Wear clothes that are tailored to fit,as it helps to bring out your shape and show your femininity.Take your bath daily.Use deodorant and perfume to get rid of unwanted odors.

NAILS:If you love long nails,then by all means grow your nails long.Don’t just rely on artificial nails cos they’re unhealthy.Paint your nails.Use vibrant colors that suit your taste,clothes,or personality.

ATTITUDE:Smile.Do not be a grouch.Be warm and alive,not cold,rude, or distant,especially not to people who try to be friendly with you.

Do all these,be confident,be YOURSELF.

And then it is worthy to note that African women enjoy getting their beauty from one expensive bottle of cosmetics or the other so a to look so perfectly bleached because they do belive that being fair is better than being dark. But that is such bullshit because it is the food you eat and your exercise habits that will make you have that stunning glow that those models strutting the runways have immortalized and had their name flung across all corners of the global village.

Soon,I’ll continue on this subject,so,dear esteemed readers,do come back for more.Thank you…


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