Beauty in effeminate boys


Effeminacy has been viewed favorably and spitefully simultaneously by a myriad of cultures around the world.But,one undeniable fact about these beautiful boys is their underlying beauty and softness;their balance between two worlds_the aggressive male and the sacred female.This balance gives us a kind of out-of-the-world mystique and attraction,which though undeniable,is sometimes repressed and thrust aside,especially by the men.I wield my pen with confidence and authority because I am effeminate,with a kind of feminine beauty and attraction that inexorably attract both male and female,and also repel.This once unexplainable reaction by people is faced by effeminate guys everywhere the world over,especially if they’re outwardly delicate,with feminity subconciously and inherently ingrained in them.

At first,I was puzzled by the fact that people reacted that way around me and my beautiful friends,so I got myself thinking about it,and then the picture became so clear.People hardly stand physical beauty because it gives them a certain degree of uncomfortability_any really beautiful woman can readily attest to that.And to associate such delicate features,soft dispositions,passive,yet strong and unassuming personalities,softness in a man,and an effeminate one at that! is a little too much for many to handle,especially the so-called AGGRESSIVE male.

Beauty,as readily acknowledged worldwide,gives its possessor a kind of sexual leverage over others.In other words,beauty is power,and most,if not all of the beautiful women around utilise that power to their advantage.That’s why beautiful women are usually so unpopular with their more ordinary-looking counterparts,and invite great jealousy,which subsequently inspires hate when they abuse that beauty.And they usually do.But the scenario is quite different with us effeminate guys.Effeminate guys garner attention without conciously inviting such,and the attention becomes greater and more sexual in nature if the person is beautiful.I write from experience because I’ve so thoroughly propositioned so many times since my onset of puberty that finally,I understand.The beauty of effeminate guys is different altogether,and not so sexually charged.It somehow transcends the beauty of the female because it is a combination of two_the male and the female.Molded to a certain level of physical perfection but not in a glaring kinda way but rather in a way that inspires awe and protection,effeminate guys,are in own opinion,the chef-d’oeuvre of God’s creative genius.If you don’t believe it,look deeply around you,at the outwardly beautiful effeminate guys you see,and tell yourself the truth about what you really see_they are different in a way that inspires love,attraction,awe,even uncomfort.We effeminate guys are the balance of two_we perfect the world.

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One Response to Beauty in effeminate boys

  1. Betty May says:

    This article was very well written by the blogger. I must commend him on the insight he proffered to my understanding of the looks of the effeminate guys I encounter. They are all so beautiful. . .


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