Ojukwu:the immortal hero of the Igbos

Ojukwu,the indefatigable lion of the great Igbo nation,is no more_in the flesh,not in the spirit.His death came as a severe blow to his,especially as he had lived a wonderful life of servitude to a great course and a life of great stepping leadership to his people.

But,then life is meant to be transient,not permanent.And so,the great Igbo nation of Nigeria collectively,and with one true voice,wish their enduring master goodbye to the world of the flesh.Thankfully,the Great Man had etched his name in the sands of time and will never be forgotten by Africans as a whole_he is an Immortal.This was demonstrated by the stunning turnout of people at his memorial service_young and old;weak and strong;enlightened and uneducated;modern and ancient;male and the sacred female_all were there to wish Ikemba well on his final journey to eternity.Like all men,he lived a life,but unlike most buoyant,affluent men,he lived a life worthy of emulation_servitude in leadership,poverty in wealth,strength in weakness_only a few iron men of strong will and rare disposition can do that.Ojukwu was an equal among equals,first among the first_a rare man indeed.

May the life lived by Emeka Ojukwu serve as a lesson to all,especially the hypocritical,corrupt leaders that crawl all over the Nigerian economy…Goodbye Ojukwu.The Igbo nation fare thee well.Adieu.


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One Response to Ojukwu:the immortal hero of the Igbos

  1. Angel says:

    Nice writeup on Ojukwu.His death is a blow.Take heart,Bianca.


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